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LIC2 License Application Application must be typewritten. License Number Section is used for Changes Renewals and Reissues 1 Application Type New Renewal Reinstatement Reissue Lost/Stolen Change ie Address/Business/Deactivations 3 License Type Elevator Inspector Elevator Co-Director Engineer Stationary Portable A B C Hoisting Machine Operator Master Plumber Oil Burning Equipment Installer Rigger Master Special Sign Hanger Site Safety Manager Coordinator Welder Master Fire Suppression Piping...
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What is LIC2 form?

The license application (LIC2) must be completed if you are applying, renewing, or changing information for any license that uses this form.

Who should file LIC2 form?

License Types:

1.       Elevator Director/Inspector

2.       High-pressure Boiler Operating Engineer

3.       Hoisting Machine Operator (Class A)

4.       Hoisting Machine Operator (Class B)

5.       Hoisting Machine Operator (Class C) /

6.       Cherry-picker

7.       Master Fire Suppression Piping

8.       Contractor* (with plate and seal) /

9.       Certificate Only

10.   Master Plumber* (with plate and seal) /

11.   Certificate Only

12.   Oil Burning Equipment Installer (with seal)

13.   Rigger-Master/Special

14.   Sign Hanger - Master/Special

15.   Site Safety Manager/Coordinator

16.   Tower Crane Rigger

17.   Welder

Is form accompanied by other documents?

  • Original application must be accompanied by the following:

  • Examination Score Report Form

  • Notarized Background Investigation Questionnaire

  • Experience Verification Forms

  • Social Security History of Earnings statement (non-certified)

  • Birth Certificate,

  • Original Social Security Card,

  • Last Pay Stub or W2

  • Photo I.D. (Driver’s license, NYS non-driver’s ID, current passport or green card)

  • Proof of residence (utility bill) (cellular phone bill not accepted)

  • Three (3) current 2x2 photographs (passport size)

  • Completed typed license application (LIC-2)

When and Where do I send LIC2 form?

Mail renewals to: NYC Department of Buildings Licensing & Exams Unit 280 Broadway, 6th Floor New York, NY 10007

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing lic2
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